Korean christianity group deceived Afghan children

These people are members of Korean christianity group who was in Afghanistan.

Members of Korean christianity group is immoral and lewdness.

Korean christianity group forced children to take a picture with them.

Don't touch pure child of Afghanistan by dirty hands of person who eats pork!

Afghan women is not debauchery like Korean women of Korean christianity group.

Korean christianity group induced Afghan children to do christian worship of korean and sing a hymn for jesus in korean.

Afghan children never understand Korean Language.
Afghan children understood it with nursery rhyme of Korean.

But, Korean christianity group say "that is education for Afghan children".

Do not tell a Fucking lie!

This is video about fucking fraud education of Korean christianity group.





That was unforgivable fraud.
Even Jesus can't forgiveness.

I agitate against Korean christianity group .

Any longer, Do not a bit missing behavior and obscene conduct in Afghanistan!

Any longer, Do not sing a hymn for jesus by roadside of Afghanistan!

Any longer, Do not deceive Afghan children!

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