World Christianity group must promise not any longer to send Christianity group to Afghanistan

Converting to christianity that Korean christianity group proposes to Afghan people equals forcing Afghan people into the death.

Because the Afghanistan government is afraid of Western protects christianity group, Korean christianity group forcing Afghan people into converting to christianity was not punished.

In result, many Korean christianity groups entered Afghanistan and sang a hymn for Jesus, did christian worship, proposed converting to christianity in Afghanistan-Holy land of Islam.

But Afghan person converted to christianity is punished with death penalty by Afghan law.

In addition, Afghan person converted to christianity has many cases suffer for honorary murder by his family - Before Afgan law gives death penalty to Afghan person converted to christianity.

And Korean christianity group certainly knows this fact.

Nevertheless, Korean Christianity group forced Afghan children into converting of death.

On the contrary......

Did Korean Christianity group prepare for Christian martyrdom?


Abducted Korean Christianity group implore succor even to Islam people.

Korean Christianity group forced Afghan people and Afghan children into converting of death with such a qualification of abject coward.

Korean Christianity group is not even apostle assigned to meaning of Jesus.
Christianity group pretends apostle and works as disgraceful of Jesus.
Christianity group is dirty devil such as epidemic to spread death and sorrow in Afghanistan.
Christianity group is maggots lives off the body murdered by U.S troops like outrageous beast.

It is a fair defense that Taliban abducted Korean Christianity group.

Because Korean Christianity group outrages against Allah and spread death to Afghan people, Taliban abducted Korean Christianity group.

It is the minimum defense act that people living for Allah protecting Afghan must do.

If Taliban had not abducted Korean Christianity group, Christianity group like epidemic devil should spread death to Afghan and outrage against Allah.

The Taliban did not decide to kill all of abducted korean Christianity group yet.
And Taliban can demand something for Jihad.

However, all of abducted Korean Christianity group will be killed if Christianity group and Western do not accept claim of Afgan Islamic people.

World Christianity group including the Korea Christianity group and the Pope must promise not any longer to send Christianity group to Afghanistan.

This is the minimum proviso that must be gone ahead, before negotiation.

Taliban did fair defense act for Islamic people

Inhabitants of Kandahar welcomed when korean group established the nursery.Inhabitants of Kandahar had intellectual youths of state help the nursery.
And the youths of Kandahar taught Afghan language to members of Korean group in the nursery.
Korean called the nursery "en-hye-sem-ryu-chi-eon".

Some Korean traveler groups came to the nursery and sang a song and did strange action.Inhabitants of Kandahar did not know that Korean traveler groups are Christianity groups because Afgahn people don't know korean language and Korean of the nursery hide their true colors.

But, not long after establishing the nursery, many Korean Christianity groups started to coming Afghanistan and propagandizing Christianity. Korean Christianity groups provoked religion disputes in Afghanistan.
In conclusion, Inhabitants of Kandahar realized that Korean of the nursery is Christian.

Furthermore, woman of Korean Christianity group give Christian bible to Afghan young man helping the nursery.

Her name is "chae-wo-lee".

Inhabitants of Kandahar were angry with Korean Christianity group and protested against Korean Christianity group and demanded that Korean Christianity group leave for Afghanistan.

However, inhabitants of Kandahar were not able to take sanction against Christianity group because Afghan Police protected Korean and to drive out a traveler is inappropriate according to Islamic custom.

Despite opposition of Kandahar inhabitants, Korean Christianity groups continued with coming the nursery and singing a hymn for jesus and doing christian worship.
And they took a photographed of that fucking exhibition without approval of Afghan children, for purpose to boast of somebody.

In the last resort, A member of taliban, villiger of the place where the nursery was established, set fire to the nursery.
Inhabitants of Kandahar counselled against to conduct that Korean Christianity group of the nursery brings harm hazard to Afghan children.

But Korean Christianity group disregarded claim of Kandahar inhabitants.

And the nursery was reduced to ashes by a member of taliban who set fire to the nursery once again.

Nonetheless, this is not end.

Korean Christianity group had the nursery make the move to the other village of Kandahar state.
Korean Christianity group employed an armed guard for defending the nursery.
For fear of western, Afghan police provided shelter to korean christianity group.

Taliban infiltrated their own informant into the nursery for punishing korean Korean Christianity group for crime.
And Taliban informant elicited information on plan and transportation routes of Korean Christianity group coming the nursery to convert Afghan people to Christianity.

Taliban prepared for shouts of protest and succeeded to abduct Christianity group, after all.

Many a time, Afgan people counselled against to conduct that Korean Christianity group.
But Korean Christianity group disregarded claim of Afgan people.

Korean Christianity group did rude crime in Afghanistan and Taliban did fair defense act for Islamic people.