Korean christianity group deceived Afghan

This is the action of Korean christianity worship method.

Reason of adducing this photo.

The Afghan government permitted "Cultural festival" of IACD(Institute of Asian Culture and Development, but this Institute is Korean christianity group)

This is performance of IACD-Korean Christianity group.

Korean christianity group showed Afghan people tussle acrobat of korean.

And Korean christianity group showed Afghan people Korean traditional dancing.

By such a method, Korean christianity group soaked their event with the Afghan people and enjoyed Korean culture together.

Yes. Ok. But Till NOW.

Then Korean christianity group did Christian Worship and sang a hymn for Jesus in Korean and English.

That Afghan crowd didn't know Korean and English.

That Afghan crowd didn't know Korean christianity worship method.

That Afghan crowd merely understood that action of Korean christianity group is Korean traditional culture.

As a result, SAD TO SAY, that Afghan crowd did imitation of Korean Christian worship action.

And that Afghan crowd committed a sin to Allah.It is a crime of the death penalty in Afghan to be converted in Christianity.

And I find that IACD-Korean christianity group know before this islamic law and fact.

This is the evidence.

This is blog of IACD-Korean christianity group.


I watched this newspaper cuttings in blog of IACD-Korean christianity group.


Afghan proselyte to christianity are prepared for martyrdom.

Abdur-Rahman is facing the death penalty for converting to Christianity.

(Abdur-Rahman was later released from prison and then spirited to Italy after the intervention of Western leaders, and Abdur-Rahman's conversion to Christianity had triggered massive protests in Afghanistan. )

Korean christianity group deceived Afghan, and make transgressor of That Afghan crowd.

Is this "Cultural festival for peace"?

Is this "love of Jesus"?

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